Self-care 101: Adopting a Healthier Way of Living

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Self-care is not overrated. Most people might say that it’s a luxury they can’t afford because they’re too busy earning a living to put food on the table. But on the contrary, taking care of yourself is necessary because you won’t be able to do all that if you’re unwell. So, here are three ways you can adopt a healthier way of living your life:

Diet and Nutrition

It’s becoming too easy to rely on fast food meals and takeout when you don’t have the energy to make your own food. Plus, there are also very convenient food ordering apps that you can depend on to get your food, no matter what time it may be because there will always be something open 24/7.

But as easy it is to never make your own food ever again, it can also be detrimental to your health, especially if you’re not watching what you eat. Most fast-food meals and takeout are commercially produced food products, often drenched in cooking oil, saturated with fat, and are high in sodium or sugar.

When you’re simply ordering food from commercial establishments, you won’t have a say in what goes into your food. And that can be a problem when you’re at risk for developing serious health conditions because of your lifestyle. So, that’s what you need to start changing in your life—and fast.

If you don’t think that you have the time to make your food for lunch in the morning, consider meal prepping every week so that all you have to do is to grab your food and go. You can prepare the meals at the weekend and store them in your fridge. This way, you can still control what goes into your food and stick to your diet regimen.

Work-life Balance

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Modern professionals are too hung up on romanticizing overwork and burnouts as if those are badges of honor that people should proudly wear on their sleeves. However, the reality is that these people are succumbing to the pressures enforced upon them by society at the expense of their sanity.

If you’re guilty of this, too, then it’s high time that you forego the idea that you have to compromise your well-being for the sake of being “successful.” You must understand that success is whatever you want it to be; it doesn’t have to make sense for anyone else other than yourself. So, don’t work too much that you’re burning yourself out.

The work-life balance may be something you’ve already heard of but never considered achieving. Some people might say that it’s unnecessary or idealistic, but it’s not. It’s perfectly normal to want to find the balance between your work and your life because anything too much is bad for your health.

That’s why if you feel like you’re giving everything to your work, try to pull back gradually. Don’t be afraid to set appropriate boundaries around your work and make room for social interactions with your friends. This way, you can still maintain some semblance of normalcy amid your hectic work schedules.

Screen Exposure

In the digital age, it’s getting much harder not to become dependent on technology for almost everything. With your smartphone alone, you can watch hundreds of shows and movies from different applications. You can also order food online, buy your groceries, or shop for clothes and skincare products.

Then there’s your laptop or computer, which you face for a minimum of eight hours a day to work. And after work, you might be likely to catch up on your favorite shows on TV as you de-stress from the long workday. At any point in the day, you’ll find yourself coming into contact with technology and bright screens.

While there’s nothing wrong with this per se, it can be harmful to your health if you’re constantly exposed to screens. Not only can it damage your eyesight and exhaust your eyes, but it can also encourage you to maintain a sedentary lifestyle. That in itself can cause serious health problems later on.

So it’s essential to be wary of your screen time. Since you won’t be able to control how much time you’re exposed to screens when you’re working, make it a point to find alternative methods to relieve your stress afterward. Instead of spending time on your phone, you can go back to your hobbies and enjoy your leisure time off-screen.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle can be very idealistic in today’s time, but it’s also necessary. Most people these days are too hung up on the convenience of it all, so they find exerting more effort than usual very taxing. However, it can affect your life as you go, which is why it’s better to start implementing changes in your life while you’re ahead of the game.

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