How to Spend Your Summer Vacation in Minnesota?

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Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and is quite popular with holidaymakers. That makes it the perfect summer destination, as well. You can swim, fish, boat, and also enjoy rafting. The art, sports, and music scene are quite popular, too. You will also find some woodlands in the region, where you can engage in hiking activities, away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

There are many resorts, villas, and vacation rentals, where you can spend your holidays. Here are some popular tourist destinations you can visit in Minnesota.

Visit the Best Water Falls

Hidden Falls in St. Paul is the first one that comes to mind. The falls are concealed from full public view, hence the name. It sits on the Mississippi River. You can enjoy your time there, irrespective of age. Children love to jump in the puddles that fall make in the pool beneath. Adults will also enjoy a gala time. Minnehaha Park Falls is one of the prime attractions in the Twin Cities area. It is set amidst the wilderness but within city limits. Almost eight lac visitors visit the falls every year. You will come across various hiking trails inside the place. There is no dearth of waterfalls in Minnesota.

Check out the Thrilling Theme Parks

Now, you can enjoy some adventurous and scary moments at a haunted attraction. Haunted houses are the scariest of all houses in the state. You cannot help visiting the indoor spot at least once during your summer trip. Expect the best Halloween treatment in real-world scenarios. Apart from meeting ghosts, vampires, and zombies, you and your kids get to enjoy other activities, too. You get to pet goats and feed them, too. Challenge your fear with the gruesome entertainment option today. These places have been scaring the locals and tourists for over 35 years now. Every year, experience new and upgraded attractions.

There are various amusement parks as well. Minnesota has no dearth of attractions. Mall of America is one of the largest malls and also houses 3-D and 4-D attractions for families. There is Sea Life Aquarium, Escape Game, and Nickelodeon Universe, which everybody would enjoy.

Take a Road Trip on Highway 61

You can join a scenic road trip in your car or a rented one. The strip of road between Duluth and Two Harbors also leads to the Canadian Borders. You can hop out of the vehicle at Kitchi Gammi Park to take a closer look at the seashore. Iona’s Beach at Two Harbors is also a scenic spot. Made up entirely of pink-colored rocks, it is a place to click some great family pictures. Enjoy gorgeous views of the lakes from the shore. Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is another sight that you cannot miss out on. Enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, camping, hiking, and it is a rocky beach area where you can also enjoy a picnic. Moreover, you can fill in some snacks at the eateries and cafes that throng the place.


Kayak Down the River

You can explore the lakes and rivers in MN in the summers. Paddle your boat or kayak; it is up to your swimming skills. If you are a novice, you can try calm spots. Flat waters are best for recreational activities. There are a few excellent spots that beginners will love. Head to Lake Superior, one of the best for paddling.

Moreover, you can also avail yourself of guided trips across the woods surrounding the lakes. You can also pick up the Gunflint Trail if the waters are rough. Wild River State Park is another top spot for you. St. Croix River is relatively calm, unlike the other rivers and lakes. There are small stony islands in between as well. You can paddle easily around the islands without drifting fast.

Visit a Zoo

Everybody loves animals, and you may not be any different. Explore the zoos in MN, like Minnesota Zoo. It is located in Apple Valley. The zoo organizes the space according to the habitats. There are at least six themed areas that you can visit.

Moreover, there are quite a few walking trails. You will find animals and other wildlife from every corner of the globe there. If you have kids traveling with you, they will enjoy the visit. It will be a great learning experience for them, too. There is Lake Superior Zoo, as well. Apart from elephants. You will also be able to see some exotic animals as well.

These are just a few of the options you can avail yourself of on a summer vacation in Minnesota. There are a hundred more. So, keep exploring.

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