Significant Challenges in Building a New Home (And How to Overcome Them)

building a house

You’ve worked hard and saved enough to finally achieve an essential part of the American dream: building your own home. You can already imagine it. Every part of the house is according to your vision and you’re taking it all in for the first time on your brand-new patio or couch. However, new home building is an extensive process and a lot can go wrong really fast.

Unlike your favorite home improvement shows, you can’t solve construction issues in a three-minute montage. Here are the challenges involved in new home development projects and how to deal with them:

The Anticipation

One of the few disadvantages of building your own home is the wait. The latest data from the United States Census Bureau shows that the average construction time for a home, from start to finish, is about 11 months when done with a contractor. There are many factors affecting the construction of your home like:

  • The amount of work to be done on your chosen lot before your home can be built
  • The relationships and connections your contractors have with vendors and subcontractors
  • The design you plan on implementing

Work closely with your contractor and architect to come up with a solid construction timeline. This way, you can manage your expectations.

Unfortunate Surprises

Woman using hand drill to assemble a wooden table
Woman using hand drill to assemble a wooden table

No matter how prepared you are, there’s still the possibility of unexpected delays and changes. Some construction crews may be overbooked, so they won’t be able to work on your project as soon as you expect them to. Your local government may have a backlog of permits to approve, so yours may still be far back in their queue. Subcontractors may be doing a subpar job at their assigned roles. Extreme weather conditions may also push back your timeline.

There’s still a chance of being blindsided by extra costs. This can be caused by inaccurate estimates from project managers, construction errors, and changes in your requirements.

If you want to avoid or minimize these unfortunate surprises, you should carefully vet your contractors. Don’t just choose one that provides the lowest price. Check their portfolios and call their previous clients to ask about their performance. Select the one that provides efficient and quality work, even if you may have to pay more for their services. The smooth and professional construction experience they’ll provide is definitely worth it.

Unavailable Materials

Materials for your countertops, sinks, and flooring can take weeks to months to fulfil. If they aren’t delivered on-time, your builder won’t be able to move forward with construction. What’s worse is when your preferred materials are out of stock. You either have to wait or settle for an inferior alternative. When it comes to this, it’s best to finalize your decision as soon as possible. This way, you can order ahead of time and get your materials ready on or before construction starts.

Building a custom home is one of the most exciting and important undertakings in your life. However, difficulties such as extra costs, out of stock materials, and long waiting times can spoil your experience. Consider the suggestions above and you’re sure to overcome these challenges.

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