The Best Types of Linens for a Condo

hotel bedroom

Luxury hotels use the best bed linens in their rooms to make guests comfortable. That is why many people still hold on to stories around their hotel stays. These linens are usually soft and smell good. It never occurs to businesses, however, that they could offer the same for their simple accommodations.

If you are looking for beddings for your temporary rental condos in Fish Creek, WI, you can consider the following options. Note that high thread counts will mean stronger and softer fabrics, while “single ply” linens will feel smoother and silkier.

Egyptian cotton

This material is famous for its quality. Egyptian cotton has long threaded yarns that produce a bright and robust material. If it is 100% pure, it will wash well. The only problem is that if it is not cared for, Egyptian cotton can run. To know that you are making an excellent pick, check the label to make sure that it is marked 100%.

Pima cotton

If there ever were an American version for Egyptian cotton, Pima would be it. It is worth noting that it was first grown in Egypt as well. Strains of the plant were imported and modified for planting in the United States. Pima cotton is a cheaper option than Egyptian cotton, but with comparable quality.

Percale and flannel

Percale is weaved from cotton. However, some variations blend it with polyester. Sheets made from this material do not wrinkle easily, and they dry fast. However, they are thin and may cause pilling if subjected to harsh conditions like washing with bleach or boiling water. Percale sheets last for a maximum of one year, and since the sheets are inexpensive, replacing them is easy.

Flannel is made from cotton and wool. Some sheets may have up to 5% of synthetic fiber. Many people opt for these sheets because they are beautiful and warm, especially if you live in a cold climate. These are also durable and breathable. However, machine washing is not advised since flannel tends to pill.

Cotton sateen

stack of bed linens

This weave is known mostly for its shine. Cotton sateen looks like silk; it feels soft on the hand and has high thread counts. The only problem with cotton sateen sheets is that the threads are concentrated on one side because of the satin stitch, meaning that side is likely to snag. Note that cotton sateen sheets are not crisp, but they are durable.


If you want an eco-friendly option, go for bamboo sheets. They are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Bamboo is also able to wick naturally, and so the sheets will absorb water better than any other material. The sheets are typically soft, but can withstand machine washing and drying. The only problem with bamboo is the excess warmth during summer.

A lot of things can make your condo units comfortable, but bed sheets are definitely on top of the list. Once you figure out what sheets to get, you can make the most of your money and satisfy your future customers.

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