A Caterer’s Guide to Holding Tasting Sessions

Catering tasting session

Marketing a restaurant or a catering business is not always as easy as it seems. You will be compelled to come up with ways that will draw in customers, some of which are not easy. While you may have an impression that things are easy at times, you ought to understand that you need to come up with a method that will increase the odds of getting your customers’ approval.

In this regard, a tasting event is something that you may want to consider. You need to boost your credibility, and one of the better ways to make your customers believe in your skills is to show them that your food is actually great. This, however, can also be challenging.

Taste is subjective, but you need to stick to the universal principles and characteristics of good food. From there, you can break some rules and give your dishes a twist. Other than being concerned with your commercial catering equipment, you have to focus on your tasting events as well. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Know the Right Pairing

Food is like people. The dishes that complement each other are actually two fares with big differences. The tastes of your food should be playful but not too complicated and highbrow that your prospective customers do not appreciate it.

Minding the counterpoints of the dishes you are planning to pair up is important. This means that you can complement a savoury dish with something sweet (and vice versa). There is something that every restaurateur or caterer must master, and normally it is wine pairing.

Mind Your Customers’ Quirks

If you are holding a private tasting event, it is essential that you get the details of your prospective customers. Some crucial information must include their allergies; you do not want to serve your customers with allergens.

You will also need to mind their diet; some food can even have negative effects on the diet your customers are on. It will always be helpful to call them beforehand and ask about their food requirements, which may also include the saltiness or sweetness of the dishes.

Present Your Food Well

Catering table setting

The taste of the food is just half the battle. You will need to create a good impression, which is something that you can easily do with the presentation. When presenting your meals, you need to pick the best plate. The best parts and ingredients of your dish should be highlighted in your plate, so you can always play around with colours and shapes.

Take Note of Your Customers’ Feedback

Taste is subjective, so you should be a good sport in case your food receives comments that you do not exactly like. With this in mind, you should keep their feedback with appreciation. Think of it as a constructive criticism that will help you improve your dish and cooking.

Starting a tasting event for your food should not always be difficult. May the pointers above help you impress your prospective customers and your loyal ones.

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