Enjoying Singapore’s Food Scene: Where’s the Best Place to Eat?


For years now, Singapore has been known for its economic prowess. Many experts consider the city-state as one of the most progressive countries in the world economically. However, more than just it being a giant in terms of developments and advancements, there’s something more interesting to it.

It’s none other it’s abundance in delectable dishes that represent different cultures that shaped the country to what it is now. So in case you’re planning a vacation trip to the Lion City, don’t miss the chance to explore it through your taste buds.

To help you do that, here are a few recommendations that are worthy of your choice.

Where West Meets East Dining

Singapore is not only notable for its rich Asian cuisines, but the country also provides the perfect hub for the traditional and modern dining experience. A quick visit to the former Ebenezer Chapel would take you to a modern European restaurant in Singapore.

Aside from a great-tasting meal, you’ll be treated with amazing views of the chapel’s restored façade and interior. Your eyes would surely feast on the restaurant’s intricate architecture as well as treat your tummy with delectable menu selection with top-notch food service.

Where the Hawker Centres Are

If you’re up for cheap yet delectable eats, visiting some of the city-state’s hawker centres would be your best option. It is a complex open-air area which houses a variety of food stalls serving a great selection of Asian cuisines.

From Chinese, Indian, Malaysian to Indonesian and Singapore, you are sure to satisfy your search for good food here. If you want to taste some authentic dishes that traces back to the country’s rich and colourful heritage, this is definitely the food place worth of your visit.

stir fry chicken

A Unique Food Adventure

Want to try something different and unusual? Worry not because Singapore got you covered. More than just the normal stuff, the city-state reveals to have some of the most unique and unconventional food experience you could enjoy.

Whether it is the depths of the sea you want to conquer or opening your eyes up in the darkness, you are sure to find everything extraordinary in the country. If you want something more thrilling and be suspended (literally) above, you’ll never fail to find something that will definitely get you curious and full in the Lion City.

Singapore’s Night Food Market

Bring your food adventure to a whole new level by visiting the country’s night market to taste authentic Singaporean street food. Alongside the gleaming shopping districts of the city-state, you’ll find night markets which are nearby the city centre — most of which enclaves some of the ethnic influences of the Lion City.

Chinatown, Little India and even Arabic Quarter, you can pass by all of them. Most importantly, you’ll chance upon finding some of the most stores to buy delectable treats. From desserts to pick-a foods, you’ll definitely find something that will take your tummy on a delightful trip.

There’s a saying that goes, “You have to taste a culture to understand it.” This is completely true because only by trying their food can you truly appreciate and understand the heritage of the place you’re visiting. So on your next travel, don’t miss the chance to savour every taste of their food.

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