Living and Studying in London: Your Basic How-to-Guide

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There you are arriving in London’s Heathrow Airport, excited to experience the city as part of your studying and living abroad. But what many students often forget is to choose the right student accommodations in London. There are student flats and student hostels that you would find suitable for starting your university life.  But do you know what to do when you are looking for student accommodation?

1. Set a budget

Figure out how much you will need to spend on rent, utility bills, and daily expenses. When you understand the amount of money your lifestyle demands, you will have an idea about which type of accommodation you need for your lifestyle.

2. Start your search early

The best time to look for student accommodations is as soon as your university confirms their acceptance of your application. By doing so, you get to check and pick the most excellent options, from student halls to affordable student flats near the university.

3. Be careful and wary when searching on the Web

Internet searches have made searching for accommodations leisurely. However, you need to be careful when meeting people through the web. For this, it is best to meet someone with two other people in tow.

You should also ask for a mobile phone number and a complete name and address. If you need to go alone, inform family and friends about the meeting and give them the credentials of the man you are seeking. Also, beware of places that seem too good to be true.

4. Be extra patient

Being careful comes with being patient. It is okay to spend several days or even a few weeks looking for the best accommodation. Being in a hurry might only cause you to make the wrong choice.

5. Do your research

If you are gathering basic facts about your target locations, you should also check the area’s social status, such as crime rates and unemployment. Read city guides, talk to people who experienced living in the area, and search for places you might have never seen.

Living Far from Home…Is not Easy!

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As the saying goes, there is no place like home. While this is true, living away from home has its share of benefits for any student. Here are some of them.

1. They can develop independence

This is one of the main advantages of living far from home. You get to try something new and make mistakes that will teach you life lessons. You don’t have to depend on your elders to make the big decisions or you.

2. Sense of Responsibility

Having to do everything on your own makes you responsible for your choices and decisions. When things go wrong, you need to handle it yourself. For this, you become extra careful with everything you do.

3. Broader Social Life

Meeting new people and creating new bonds of friendship are some of the perks of living away from home. Soon, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a group of people who share similar interests and hobbies with you. Befriending people and expanding your social network are two of the best things you can experience when you live alone.

Your first time to live alone as an adult can be a challenge, so it is more important to look for student accommodations that will be near the university of your choice but still make restaurants, libraries, and other facilities accessible to you. Make your first steps into university the best one of your life.

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