How to Act Properly in a Bar

Friends dancing at the bar

Going out with friends is always fun, especially when you celebrate in restaurants and bars. Drinks with friends is always a good idea, and people always seem to have fun when there is a little bit of alcohol and food involved (as long as you practice responsible drinking).

However, things can easily get awry when you do not practice proper bar etiquette. Here, we will discuss some of the most important things when going to a rooftop restaurant in Singapore.

1. Avoid Rearranging the Furniture

That furniture was placed in that specific area for a reason, so you should definitely not mess with it. If you need or want to rearrange them, make sure to ask the bartender or the waitstaff first before going ahead and touching anything in the area.

Just think of it this way: What would you feel if a stranger comes into your home and starts moving your chairs and tables? It’s the same exact feeling for the waitstaff and the bar owners, as this serves as their second home. Moving everything without their permission is just downright disrespectful.

2. Go to the Bar Yourself

If you can, try going to the bar and order drinks straight from the bartender. Not only will this be more efficient on both the bartender and yourself, but you also get to avoid being called a lazy person by the waitstaff. Yes, the waitstaff is there to attend to your needs, but if it’s as easy as getting yourself drinks, then you might want to do it yourself.

If you get too wasted and you are with friends anyway, then take turns getting the drinks from the bar instead. You can even assign someone to “take care” of the group and not get too wasted. Sure, this ain’t fun, but it’s responsible, which is important.

3. Ask Nicely

Group of friends drinking tequila

No one would ever want to deal with a rude and irate customer, which is why it is important to be nice to the waitstaff at any bar or restaurant. Do not shout at them or make stern demands, as that is just plain rude.

Remember when they said that you can easily judge someone on how they treat the waitstaff at the restaurant? Yes, that is very real and you definitely would not want to be judged based on that. Be nice to the waiters and bartenders and see how well they will treat you during the whole time that you are there.

4. Use the Bathroom Properly

Whenever you are out of your home, make sure to use the bathroom properly. Throw the tissue and other waste where it truly belongs — the trash can. Do not flush it on the toilet bowl, as this can clog the pipes. Moreover, this can be harmful to the environment.

You should also keep the floors clean if you can. Also, you should always be respectful to the one who is next in line and avoid staying inside the bathroom way too long.

Polish your manners before going to a bar or restaurant to make sure you would not get into any type of fight. You are there to drink and have fun with your friends, not to get in a fight with strangers.

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