Discover the Sights of Tunbridge Wells

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The Royal Tunbridge Wells is a picturesque little English town located in the western area of Kent. Lying around 30 miles southeast of London, it is a popular destination among tourists mainly because of its mix of high-rise buildings and age-old charm.

The town literally combines modern day conveniences and the appeal of the golden days. Its proximity to London makes it a favourite side trip for many travellers exploring this part of the world.

A Relaxing and Worthy Spa Retreat

In the 1600s, a certain royalty in the name of Lord Dudley North once decided to stay in Kent to rest and recuperate from his ailment. He named the town Tunbridge Wells then. He became quite impressed with the fresh waters of the Chalybeate Spring. He drank waters from this spring, and his health started to improve.

Believing that the waters of the spring had health benefits, he started inviting his friends to stay and enjoy the waters of the region. Queen Henrietta Maria first visited in 1630, and during this time, the town was established as a spa retreat.

In the early days, only the rich and royals enjoyed the beauty and wonders of Tunbridge Wells. Nowadays, the area is dotted with restaurants, shops and quaint little cafes. The town provides a quick and worthy retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A Day in Tunbridge Wells

trees in front of a monumentSituated in the Wealden countryside, Tunbridge Wells is just a train ride away from London. It is also accessible by road, making it an ideal location for either a day trip or a longer vacation. Visitors will be treated to a typical English scene when they visit this town, with various historical sites—from castles and gardens to churches and monuments—to explore around the area.

Those who wish to shop around can also find an array of boutiques and shops for that much-needed retail therapy. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding trinkets and souvenirs that you would work up an appetite and want to head to restaurants in Tunbridge Wells to sample their local cuisine.

Alternatively, tourists can soak up the local culture and appreciate marvellous Regency, Victorian and Georgian architectural styles that define the whole town and its development. Some interesting locations to check out while discovering the wonders of Weald include Finchcocks, Marle Place Gardens, Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest, and Scotney Castle Garden.

Visitors should not miss out on sampling the spring waters, too. Various spas offer rejuvenation and relaxation treatments. This is one way of experiencing what the royalty and aristocracy have enjoyed in the early days. Those who want to extend their stay can also choose among luxurious hotels or find a simple bed and breakfast that will suit their budget.

Staying in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, either for just the weekend or for 10 days, definitely will leave smiles on travellers’ faces especially when they realise that famous royalties have enjoyed the same beautiful sceneries and features for more than 400 years.

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