Recommended Trips for Daredevils on a Budget

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After enduring what was probably one of the worst times in recent memory, the world is finally reeling back from the COVID 19 nightmare that was 2020. More and more vaccinations are happening around the world by the minute. Every day, millions more are vaccinated. Around 380 million people are already vaccinated as of the writing of this article. As more and more people get inoculated, the goal of reaching herd immunity will finally be reached. The road to normalcy is back on track — hopefully.

Millions of hard restrictions about travel were imposed by multiple governments to protect their populace and other countries. For example, the government of New Zealand imposed a ban on travelers coming from COVID-19 hotspots except for a very few. To the dismay of many daredevils, most cannot go outside their own countries to quench their thirst for adrenaline. Unless you live in a daredevil’s hotspot, you are likely stuck inside your home dreaming of the things you could be doing. Unfortunately, the thirst for adventure continues.

As we try to navigate our life back on track, we try to recall what activities we’d like to do after spending many weeks in lockdown. There is a whole new world to explore post-pandemic. What are some of the most interesting trips daredevils can go for without breaking the bank?

Spending Safari

safari tour is one of the most unforgettable trips you can take in your lifetime. A tour is surprisingly cheaper than expected. All the food and lodging expenses are almost dirt cheap compared to other destinations worldwide. African countries are also welcoming to tourists as tourism is one of the biggest drivers of African economies. These tours are surprisingly rife with close call moments and close encounters with the wild. A safari adventure is very different from a zoo: you are the caged one.

Aside from touring one of nature’s last frontiers, a tour of the plains of Africa is vital for the endangered species’ survival. Most of the tourist spots in Africa that involve touring dedicate one hundred percent of the profits to preserving the animals. You will also learn a lot from environmentalists on how we can help preserve the last few remaining endangered species.

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A Night in the Amazon

One of the most underrated places to explore around the world is the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest surrounds the Amazon River, one of the longest rivers in the entire world. Aside from being the hub of thousands of species of flora and fauna, the Amazon Rainforest is one of the world’s weather regulators. Without it, thousands upon thousands of rainfall wouldn’t make it past the Northern Americas. It also supplies around 20% of the fresh-water supply in the world.

The Amazon Rainforest has spots that remain unexplored until this day. Spending a night in the Amazon is not only thrilling — it is one of the most niche activities that you can do that not everyone else might get to do in their lifetime. Similar to the African Safari, an Amazon overnight is surprisingly cheaper than what you might think. It is also one of the newly found industries that are underway to development in the South Americas. Clinching a night, there will truly be a night to remember for any daring devil.

Kayaking in the Canyon

Kayaking in the Grand Canyon may be an unheard-of activity that you can do over there. The Grand Canyon sports one of the best and most dangerous rapids around the world, and you can get a taste of it for a very low cost. The Grand Canyon is shaped like this because of the repeated corrosion it endured during the formation of the Earth across millions of years. You can literally see the age layers of the Earth through its repeated erosion and formation in its rocks and valleys.

Kayaking in the Grand Canyon is a niche adventure that you can do that will let you explore the various sites without changing much of the scenery. It is also one of the most sought-after activities by daredevils alike.

Dune Diving

Multiple sites around the world are now offering dune adventures for those who dare. Rather than despise sand for being technically barren, the ingenuity of people transformed such blank canvas into a work of art that is ready for any adventure. The dunes are a few of the adventures you can do on a budget. You can take quad bikes if you are in for light four-wheel driving. You can also go parasailing on the dunes with a small boogie board as a bonkers option.

The road to your new adventure is just around the corner. With COVID-19 out of the way, your time to go on an adventure is almost within your grasp. With enough patience, you can finally start living life the way it is supposed to be lived.

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