Training for a Cycling Race? Boost Your Strength

man leading in a cycling race

Strength affords the foundation for endurance and speed. Many endurance athletes, however, tend to ignore strength as an important facet of their training. The truth is improving this aspect will help you intensify your performance on cycling competitions. If you fail to improve your strength level, it will be challenging to boost your speed, power and endurance aptitudes.

What you can do is add strength-based conditioning exercises in your training. This will not only enhance your performance but also address the negative impacts of poor posture and injury. Moreover, it gives a different training inducement and adds variation to your routine as you progress.

As you start training for the Novo Colli Sportive, focus on improving your strength levels around the muscles to boost your cycling stimuli. Make sure to increase your lower body strength and overall balance. Here’s a training program you can try to help boost your strength in preparation for your next cycling competition.


Start by lying face down with your elbows planted on the ground. Keep your body elevated and let your weight rest between your feet and forearms. The elbows must be bent at ninety degrees. Keep your back all straight and hips all raised. Hold this position for as long as you can.

The Step Up

Keep a neutral stance and stand straight with one of your foot on a bench and another on the floor. Place your weight around the sides. Step up with one leg and alternate with the other. Resume the standing position, and complete the number of reps then repeat on the other side.

The Supine Bridge

Lie on your back. Have your feet on the ground and the knees all bent. Roll your pelvis forward and backward until you find the mid-level. Then, hold this position. Slowly, lift the pelvis off the ground and squeeze the bum until the knees and hips are aligned with the shoulders. Make sure your knees and toes are facing away. Lower down to the starting position and repeat.

The Single Leg Squat

While keeping your torso straight, raise one leg putting all weight on the other leg. Slowly bend your knees on the supporting leg lowering. Be still, until you keep a straight torso, and squeeze the bum area and go back to the beginning position. To intensify this strength training, you can add some dumbbells or a barbell.

The Single Leg Deadlift

While on your one leg, begin by leaning forward and keep a straight back and levelled hips. Then, flex your knees, so you move the hips. Keep this position as you lower down with your arms straight. Lower down your position while keeping the arm straight. Return to the starting position.

The Seated Row

women line up in the gym working out

Sit down, face the cable pulley and hold the attachments in your hands. Sit straight. Pull the cable towards you but without moving the torso towards the rib cage. Return the weight to the starting position. Rinse and repeat.

Start your exercise in perfect form with about four sets each. If you can, add additional weight to make the entire routine more challenging for you. The above set of gym exercises is great for cyclists.

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