Home Away from Home: Why You Should Visit Fish Creek

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Fish Creek, Wisconsin can be your home away from home. With quaint bed and breakfasts, incredible hotel selections, restaurants that serve home-grown food and ingredients, this place is what others would call a “great escape”.

The stress of nine-to-five and the daily grind of getting your kids to school, plus managing a household, can get tiring. Here are what you can do and where you can go in Fish Creek for a rustic getaway.

Peninsula State Park

Over 3,000 acres of green land? Just what the doctor ordered. Peninsula State Park is one of Door County’s more famous landmarks and tourist spots because of its massive gardenscape.

Though it’s only the third largest park in the state, tourists still come here because of its campsite features. Not so much as glamping is involved, but it is a good middle ground for keeping close to nature, while still having basic amenities such as toilets and showers.

Edgewood Orchard

hand picking an apple

If you’re into looking at getting some dose of art in your life Edgewood Orchard is right where you should go. Back in 1958, Irene Pamperin Haberland purchased 80 acres of land, of what is now known as Edgewood Orchard.

This gallery features over 150 artists’ work, and what makes this a great place to visit is that it’s not your regular museum that’s confined in a marble building. You get to enjoy some greenery, a lot of trees, sculptures, jewelry, and furniture among others. Some furniture and jewelry pieces are also available for commission, to check their website for prices to get your wallet ready when you visit.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Now this isn’t something you’d see in the city every day. Back in 1828 until 1929, there was a group of keepers who maintained the lighthouse and kept it alive. It’s then been converted into a museum where guests can tour around the lighthouse and experience some actual furniture used years ago.

Standing 75 feet above Green Bay, this old-town memoir serves as a reminder of how the town has kept sailors safe in poor weather.

Wild Tomato Wood Fired Pizza and Grille

Nothing beats a hearty meal. Wild Tomato is popular for its wood-oven pizza that’s served with homegrown ingredients at an affordable price. This restaurant also likes to give back to its community through a program called Donation Creation. Their chefs create uniquely flavored pizzas and donate the proceeds to their chosen local charity.

This place also makes room for pizza customization, where you can create your own pizza and try out as many (or less) toppings and flavors you’d like. Not only do you eat in a place that supports advocacies, but you also get to try something new and exciting.

Fish Creek, Wisconsin may not be the home of Hilton Hotels or fancy five-star penthouses, but it is home to rustic museums, local restaurants with soulful food, homey bed and breakfasts, and beautiful state parks that you’d love to soak the beauty of nature in. There are many hotels available for your stay that is near local hotspots and signature areas you can visit during your vacation.

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