The Dos and Don’ts of Mixing Two Different Wedding Traditions

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A highly connected world has allowed more people from around the world to meet and fall in love with each other. Regardless of distance and differences, people come together and love conquers all. The result of this mingling of different cultures is the mix of two different wedding traditions.

The question here is, are you ready to embrace it? If yes, let’s jump right in!

Do Try Something New

In a perfect world, you may have envisioned yourself walking down the flowery aisle to grand music. But if your partner’s culture requires their processional song to be played on bagpipes, go with it! It is said that trying something new and different can rejuvenate you. Plus these cultural ceremonies are interesting in themselves!

Don’t Try Exactly What Others Do

It’s good to learn about other cultures and traditions but when planning a wedding, YOUR day needs to be unique. You don’t want everyone saying that they’ve been to yours before because of how closely your wedding resembled their cousin’s or friend’s wedding from two years ago! Make it original!

Do Your Homework

Remember, understanding someone else does not mean feeling exactly what they feel. So if your partner tells you about his/her culture, don’t say “I know exactly how you feel.” You never will unless you take the time to do some research and understand where he/she comes from.

Don’t Expect All Celebrations to Be The Same

Every culture believes that their wedding traditions are the best. So try not to compare your wedding with someone else’s whose tradition is completely different, even if it does sound odd. Some may be similar but there will always be differences so don’t expect all celebrations to be the same! If some traditions aren’t meant for you, let them go and understand why they are important to your partner.

Do Swap Something Your Partner Likes For Something You Like

If you really love chocolate cake, but he/she wants vanilla, ask if you can use chocolate frosting on your vanilla cake instead. If you want your wedding venue to be outdoors, but your partner wants to be married in an old church, see if you can secure a setting that incorporates the spirit of both.

This is even more important for cultural aspects of weddings. There will be some aspects you don’t like but are important to your partner, so find a way to make things work.

These swaps will make both of you happy and will help bring out some fun during the celebration.

Don’t Say No Right Away

If someone asks you if they can incorporate some aspects from their culture into yours, say yes! It’s rude not to even consider the idea so instead of going straight to a no, have a discussion about it first. You may find out more about your partner and learn things you never knew before! If after understanding the reasons behind it all, you still don’t want them in your wedding, then say no firmly but politely.

Do Have Patience!

Bringing together two cultures can be a joyous experience but if this is the first time you’re planning a wedding, prepare yourself for some long days and nights of planning. And then there’s that moment when you realize that even though both weddings are different from each other, they somehow end up being pretty much the same. That aside, have patience and remember why you’re going through all this trouble in the first place: because you love each other and want to spend forever together as husband and wife!

Don’t Force Your Partner To Do Something They Don’t Like

Let’s face it, weddings aren’t what they used to be. Weddings have become a way for families and friends to get together, celebrate their loved ones, and show off how big their family is (and how much money they spend)! This means there are going to be a lot of guests who do not share your tastes. If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable doing something because it goes against his/her culture, don’t force your partner to do it!

Do Accept That Not All Traditions Will Be Shared

You can’t force your partner to do something he/she doesn’t want to do, but you can teach him/her about some of your traditions. Respect the fact that not all traditions will be shared, and it is okay. It’s nice to try new things but you should never feel like you must share everything with one another or that sharing some things means that you are betraying your culture.

Planning a wedding can be difficult, but it’s worth it to have the celebration of a lifetime with your partner. When it comes to mixing two different traditions, remember that there will always be some differences.

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