Want a Different Travel Experience? Visit These 4 Magnificent Countries in 2021

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The pandemic has made many realize that life is fleeting. You only get a short time here on earth, so you might as well do everything you want while you’re still here. Traveling abroad has been a dream for many. Now could be the right time to fulfill it. Fortunately, there are several countries that have opened up their tourism.

These are the countries that are open for tourists in 2021. To make your trip more exciting, here’s a list of the top destinations for a different kind of travel experience:


The continent’s isolation makes Antarctica a very enticing place to go. And while the cruise season has been closed since 2020, many are saving up to go on the next available journey. Yes, going to the coldest place on earth is not cheap. Still, it continues to be one of the best travel dreams for many.

Why do you have to go there? Visiting Antarctica offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can only travel there by cruise ship. The difficult journey, its remote location, and the inhospitable weather make it more appealing to adventurous travelers. Be amazed by the continent’s vast white desert and its snowy peaks. Be captivated by its turquoise waters and exotic wildlife.

If you want to go, cruise season will open before the year ends. Everybody is looking forward to the solar eclipse that will occur on the 4th of December. Cruise lines bound for Antarctica are considering a major event.

Asia Pacific

New Zealand is another isolated location enjoyed by many. With many cows than people living in the country, it’s the perfect place to go to if you want to spend time alone. You’ll get all the privacy you need if you visit New Zealand. You’ll also get to enjoy its stunning landscapes which are often featured in movies and television shows.

The way it has battled against Covid has made New Zealand an appealing destination, too. If you want to be truly socially distant, New Zealand is the place to go.

For your information, New Zealand is open to tourists. If you’re not from Australia, Antarctica, or any of the other Pacific Islands, get a COVID-19 test and negative PCR test before going there.

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Although Asia is home to some of the most highly populated countries in the world, there are still places to go there where you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Mongolia is one of the countries in Asia that offers extreme isolation. With its nomadic families and sadly inadequate infrastructure, periods of emptiness are bountiful in the region. But don’t be deceived. Locals love their festivals. Annual events bring people and families together. With them, tourists, who enjoy the ruckus more than they expected.

Go on off-road adventures in Mongolia’s vast desert lands. In contrast, you can go on a hike in the country’s national parks full of lush, rugged mountains. To keep things simple, you can visit the country’s serene wildflower fields or river valleys. But if you want to have a vacation in luxury, Mongolia tours for those who have a budget can enjoy accommodations that provide modern amenities in the middle of nowhere.


One of the best African countries to visit today is Tunisia. Like many other Arab nations, the country is teeming with history and culture. But unlike other Arab countries that have exploited their desert lands, Tunisia was able to maintain its old city charm.

Surprisingly, you’ll find coastal resorts in Tunisia. It’s boarded by the Sahara on one side, but you’ll see the Mediterranean sea on the other. Its fertile farmlands will also make you forget you’re in the middle of a desert. And, its archeological sites will help you to better understand the country’s culture and history.

Tunisia is open to tourists. To go there, you must present a vaccination card or proof that you have a negative PCR test.

Travel Considerations

Traveling can benefit your mental and physical health. It’s no wonder why many people still want to travel when there’s high risk involved. Even though there is a pandemic, 45% of people from the U.S. have traveled to other countries since March 2020. This year, although the number has been drastically reduced, one-third are still set to travel.

Before you go through, Cedars Sinai Hospital recommends that you consider several travel restrictions. Vaccinations are well on their way, but the risk is still high.

When traveling, make sure to wear masks. If you can’t wash your hands, sanitize using industry-standard alcohol or disinfectant. You will be most likely exposed to the virus whenever you’re in a shared place. Make sure to keep a 6-feet distance between you and other people.

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